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The Best CV Templates For Entry Level Tech Jobs

There are a range of different aspects you need to consider to stand out when applying for an entry-level tech job. For example, you will need to be consistent throughout your CV, list your experience in a certain order (most recent at the top), include your education history and much more.

Here at Klickstarters, we understand that this can be confusing and overwhelming, however, it doesn’t have to be. What if we told you that there are a range of ways you can straightforwardly complete your CV?

A CV builder template is a great way to set out your work, as it gives you examples of what you should include in your own CV, as well as the correct format to write in. Throughout this blog, we will be exploring the best CV templates for entry-level tech roles. For more information, read on.


Why Should You Use a CV Template?

Using a CV maker comes with a range of benefits; it saves vital time and effort when it comes to preparing your resume. When you use a CV template it ensures that all the important information is together in one place, whilst making sure that all rules are followed.

What exactly is a CV template? It is a pre-written document that is used to create your own CV. It allows you to easily set your work out and gives you a head start in the writing process.

A popular graphic design platform that is free to use and allows you to customise pre-designed CVs is Canva. Although there’s a range of different templates you can use, Canva is the most straightforward and cost-effective option to go for.

If you are trying to complete your resume but don’t know where to start, then a CV template is the perfect solution for you.


Choose the Best Entry-Level CV Format

When completing a CV, it is important that you know how to set it out correctly. Firstly, you should start by choosing an appealing CV template, whether it be from Canva or a free Google Docs template.

Next, you want to make sure that you are listing your experiences in reverse chronological order. This is because you want to start with your most recent job role and work down from there.

It is important to maintain a professional CV design if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression on the hiring managers. You can do this by choosing the best CV font, using line spacing and standard margins.

Make sure that your resume is consistent and has no spelling mistakes or punctuation errors, as this can reflect badly on you as a person. When you create a CV, it’s best that you use bold subheadings with a larger font so that they stand out compared to the regular text.


Where Can I Find Good CV Templates?

There are a range of different platforms that offer CV templates, some are free of price, whereas others are not. Some platforms that offer CV templates free of charge are, Livecareer, Canva and Google Docs.

However, you do have to pay some sites to customise your CV template, so make sure you check before you go through with your design. By searching ‘CV templates’ in Google, you will be able to find a variety of different sites that offer such services.


What Types of CV Templates Are There?

There’s a wide range of various templates available and there is no right or wrong one to pick. From modern and minimalistic templates to more creative templates, the options are endless.

A modern template is a great choice for those who are seeking entry-level tech roles as it allows your skills and qualifications to stand out. This template normally includes sections for your education, work experience, personal information, hard and soft skills and more.

Creative templates are there for those who are applying for a creative job role, such as web design. This is a great solution, as it demonstrates your creativity whilst providing all the necessary information.

If you are applying for an entry-level job in the tech industry, then a modern template is a perfect choice.


Will a CV Template Help Me Achieve an Entry-Level Tech Role?

CV templates allow you to create the perfect CV and are the ideal solution if you want to format your work correctly and save time and effort. It is an excellent way to help you prepare, as well as showcase your experience and skills. Entry-level tech roles rely more heavily on your knowledge than your experience.

So, when you are writing your CV, make sure you include all the knowledge and skills you have that you feel will benefit the company.

When you are writing your CV, you should use bullet points so that the employer can easily read it. By using a CV template, you are more likely to come across as both professional and organised.

There are many do's and don'ts to bear in mind when writing your CV, such as making sure that you include your skills, work experience, education, any certifications or awards you have received, and a professional summary. This should be at the top of your CV and include your best skills, qualifications and knowledge.


Klickstarters CV Builder

Here at Klickstarters, we help a range of customers achieve their first job in the tech industry. We are an award-winning recruitment company and provide help and support to each of our clients. We can help you create the perfect CV using our CV builder.

This process only takes a few simple steps and requires a bit of information about you so we can help create your resume. This is ideal is it saves you time and provides you with a helpful layout that you can use to write your CV.

We make sure that both tech companies and clients are a perfect match for each other. If you would like more information on the services we offer or to speak to our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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