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Using a CV Builder to Create the Perfect CV

It can be hard to know whether or not you should use a free CV builder to create the perfect CV. There can be a difference of opinion as to whether using something pre-made and not your own design is the right way to do things in order to stand out to a prospective employer.

There is not one template or one pre-made CV that will fit everyone. A CV maker might work perfectly for many, but not for others. To learn more about how to create the perfect CV for you, then continue reading to learn more.


What Is a CV Builder?

A CV builder allows you to download, edit, send off and/or print your CV. This will enable you to create a professional looking or creative (if that is the sort of job you are applying for) in the easiest way.

Many people choose to use a CV builder to create their CV as it creates as little hassle as possible. It ensures that your headings and text are spaced out correctly, looks professional and are well put together. This means that you can concentrate on getting the information about yourself down well, focusing on the content of your CV.


Why Use a CV Builder?

As your CV will be the very first impression that a potential employer will have of you, it is important to get it right. It can be the difference between getting you through the door to have that initial conversation and interview, or not.

A CV builder can be a great place to start instead of sitting in front of a blank page, as this can be daunting.

CV builders can be fantastic to use for lots of different professions, whether you are a new graduate starting your career, or if you are well-established in your industry, are looking for your next role and therefore wish to update your CV for a fresh revival and look.

If you want your CV to stand out, a CV builder can be a good way of making sure a design works. Without having a builder to help you create your CV, you will have to second guess your own design elements, whilst also trying to concentrate on the content of the CV too. The visual elements are all taken care of with a CV builder.


Benefits of Using a CV Builder to Create the Perfect CV

Let's look at the benefits of using a CV builder to create your CV and why they can be great for lots of reasons.


Saves Time

A CV builder saves you time. Applying for jobs can be a time-consuming process, so the last thing you want is to spend even more time creating your CV from scratch. This takes time away from you, limiting you from applying for the jobs that you want.

The more you send out your CV, the higher your chances of becoming hired. This is especially important if you need to alter your CV slightly when applying for different jobs, tailoring your CV to fit the job description. You will not need to create a whole new CV each time, just alter your CV on your CV builder and save the different versions.


They Include Prompts

A builder will help you remember what you need to include in your CV, including certain sections that employers expect to see. Failing to include certain information and your CV could be overlooked.

You will clearly and concisely give information and details about yourself that is easy for recruiters and potential employers to read and digest. This is important to help keep the interest of the reader and draw them in to learn more about you.



Having a CV that has already been drafted out, looks the part, and is tailored to your profession then it should give you some healthy inspiration. This is totally harmless and could be really beneficial for you to look at a successful CV, from there you will draft your own and showcase yourself in the best way.

Sure, there is a difference between taking inspiration and copying completely - so be mindful of this, know the line between inspiration and copy and make your CV work for you.


How to Use a CV Builder?

The most effective and best CV builders out there are simple and easy to use, just like the Klickstarters CV Builder. They will guide you through section by section allowing you to input your information and the CV builder will do the rest for you.

Using a step-by-step process like this helps to break things down for you, and stops any feeling of overwhelm.

A CV builder will gather information about you, including your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • References

These are just some of the main examples of what a CV builder will take you through.


Klickstarters Can Help You

Kickstarters were brought to you to help employers connect with the next generation of new and emerging tech talent.

If you are looking to navigate your way through the world of job hunting and are interested in one of the vast varieties of tech careers, then Klickstarters is for you.

We help those in the early stages of their careers, including graduates, find jobs in tech whilst supporting companies in the process of hiring. Working alongside the companies and businesses out there that are looking for jobs means we know exactly how you should advertise yourself in order to be successful with your job application, interview or when writing or designing your CV.

Klickstarters create perfect matches between employers and candidates, matching both parties on their values, vision and culture. We scout the best digital tech opportunities throughout the UK, bringing you the very best that the country has to offer.

Let us help you through the job search in the digital tech industry, helping you to find your perfect career match. Klickstarters can help you and your CV stand out today. We pride ourselves on doing things differently and we have a true passion and drive for what we do - we want to help you!

Call us today from our Chester (01244 739 999), Birmingham (0121 651 1863), or London (0203 343 6719) branch, or click the 'Get in Touch' button on our website to contact us for more information.

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