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Complaints Policy

At Klickstarters, we are devoted to providing exceptional service to tech businesses and candidates alike. We value feedback and recognise the importance of addressing concerns promptly and fairly. This Complaints Policy outlines the process for raising concerns and how we ensure resolutions are achieved.


Commitment to Fair Resolution

We are committed to resolving any complaints fairly, efficiently, and effectively. Every complaint received is treated with utmost seriousness, respect, and confidentiality, ensuring a comprehensive investigation and a fair outcome for all parties involved.


Raising a Complaint

Anyone who has concerns or is dissatisfied with any aspect of our service is encouraged to raise a complaint. Complaints can be submitted via email, phone, or through our website. We request that complainants provide as much detail as possible to aid in the investigation.


Acknowledgement of Complaint

Upon receipt of a complaint, we will promptly acknowledge it, typically within two working days. The acknowledgement will include information about the complaints handling process and the expected timeframe for resolution.


Investigation and Resolution

A thorough investigation will be conducted to understand the nature of the complaint and to gather relevant facts. We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, with a target resolution time of ten working days. If further time is needed, we will keep the complainant informed of the progress.


Communication of Outcome

Once the investigation is concluded, we will communicate the outcome to the complainant in writing, explaining the findings and any actions taken or improvements made as a result. We strive to ensure that outcomes are fair, proportionate, and satisfactory to all parties involved.


Appeal Process

If a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint, they have the right to appeal. Appeals should be submitted in writing within ten working days of receiving the outcome. The appeal will be reviewed by a senior member of staff not previously involved in the complaint, and a final decision will be communicated.


Continuous Improvement

We value complaints as an opportunity for learning and improvement. Insights gained from handling complaints are used to review and enhance our services, ensuring we continue to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and candidates.



Klickstarters is dedicated to maintaining high standards of service and addressing complaints diligently and fairly. Our Complaints Policy is designed to be accessible, transparent, and effective in resolving concerns and fostering trust and satisfaction among our clientele.

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