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Klickstarters is a specialist graduate and entry level tech recruitment solution, brought to you by the multi-award-winning recruitment brand Searchability.
With over a decade of experience in tech recruitment, we have come to find that the early tech talent market requires a different approach when it comes to sourcing, engaging and securing candidates, which is why we launched Klickstarters to provide a fresh approach. Whether we are engaging candidates via university networks or through our TikTok channels, we are able to source some of the most promising tech talent for our clients.
We promote your employer brand
We will build a fully mobile optimised and personalised careers hub, designed to showcase your company, employer brand and culture to engage potential candidates. This is free of charge for all clients who use our Klickstarters service.
We save you time
We’ll get the right CV’s in front of you and manage the entire candidate journey on your behalf, optimising the process for the best results.
We guide and support you
We’ll give you direct access to talent pools from the top universities, filtering the right candidates to meet the specific demands of your roles.
We find your perfect match
Our expert recruitment team will connect you with aspiring tech talent who already have a proven interest in your sector or role type.
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