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About us

Klickstarters was born out of the award-winning tech recruitment brand Searchability, to provide a solution to help connect more employers with the next generation of tech talent.

We knew that a lot of UK Tech companies were struggling to match their demand for talent with the right hires. On the flip side, the tech jobs market is a minefield for graduates and early tech talent looking for their first jobs or placements. Their only clear path to a job is through graduate schemes at industry big hitters. In reality, there are loads of companies out there that can give early tech talent more time, focus and training to help settle them into a tech career that is right for them.

That’s where we come in. We created Klickstarters to bridge the widening gap.

Our sole purpose is to help grads and junior talent get their first jobs in tech AND support companies with the process of hiring and integrating them into your business through our branded careers hub. Our number one goal is to make sure both parties are a perfect match in terms of culture, attitude and vision.

Our team is based in the Searchability HQ in the City of Chester, with recruiters specialising in tech digital opportunities across the whole of the UK.

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To solve the UK tech skills shortage by championing next-gen tech talent.
We are changing the stereotypical view of the job hunt, helping more companies showcase their unique proposition to stand out from the more “traditional” graduate programmes.
We Coach
We can unite clients with ambitious University students undergoing a placement year as part of their studies completely free of charge.
We’re Supportive Champions
Whether you are a company looking to attract the best tech grads or a candidate looking to secure your first role in tech, we’ll always champion and support you.
We’re Trustworthy
This one may be a given, but it’s important that our clients and candidates know they can trust us to always put their best interests first.
We’re Different
We’re not your typical recruitment brand, we pride ourselves on doing things differently to help YOU stand out from the crowd.
Join  the Klickstarters team
Interested in joining the Klickstarters team? We’re part of the Searchability Group, so joining Klickstarters means joining our Searchability family – we’ve been acknowledged as a “Top 100 Employer” for the past three years, and offer some incredible employee perks and great career development opportunities for our people.
Learn more at or get in touch to hear about our latest opportunities at [email protected].
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Chester: 01244 739 999
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