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How to get into Data Science after Graduating

Have a passion for Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence? You may have heard about the new up rise for Data Scientists and Analysts. Created to help companies make sense of their data, help improve workflow and generate more revenue. Demand in Data Science have tripled over the past 5 years rising 231%. So why not […]

Q&A - What it's like to join the world of tech!

Starting out in your first role in the tech industry can be difficult knowing where to start. We sat down with Dean Hulme who was in the building industry working as as Contract Manager. Dean found his love for testing after attending events and freelancing. Now he enjoys working as a Junior Test Engineer at […]

How a Klickstarters campaign works for an employer?

Launched in 2020, Klickstarters was born out of parent company Searchability. Our aim is to unite ambitious talented individuals looking for their first role in the tech sector across the UK. With the pandemic in mind, lots of individuals suffered to achieve their dream jobs and were left in despair at the end of their graduation. However, with […]

Klickstarters Case Study: ATV Global

Having launched Klickstarters at the turn of the year, we were really excited to get started in matching ambitious candidates with companies looking for tech digital talent. Our solution is designed to deliver a great service for clients, at preferential hiring rates in order to encourage more companies to take a chance on individuals at […]

How to get the perfect working from home set up

With the current pandemic, lots of individuals are having to start their new job from home. So flexible working and remote options are becoming an increasingly popular demand. After spending a lot of the last year working from home, researching what options are best and asking the tech community here are elements you should consider […]

8 Reasons to Start Your Graduate Recruitment Drive in January

Looking to get the ball rolling on your graduate recruitment process? Maybe it's time to consider that we're in the right time of year for starting your graduate recruitment drive. Below we'll list the top reasons why getting started with your graduate and entry-level candidate search in January can benefit you. 1. Graduate Recruitment Programs […]

Everything you need to know to secure your first career in tech

Technology is at the heart of everything we do! From setting an alarm in the morning to checking your emails - it’s everywhere! However, starting a new role can be difficult. Companies will be looking for someone who has a knowledge of tech and a genuine passion to succeed.  Here are some top tips to […]

How Hiring An Entry Level Employee Helps Your Business

When it comes to hiring entry-level employee we understand you might not now know why you'll benefit from snapping up the fresh, new up and comers in your industry. We also know you might not know where to find the best talent or how to engage and attract them to your vacancies . Don't worry […]

Remote Working – What to Expect and How to Prepare

Remote working is undeniably on the rise due to the COVID pandemic and employers figuring out the most efficient systems to make a WFH setup work for their companies. Bearing this in mind, it has become increasingly likely that a lot of entry level candidates will find themselves facing the prospect of working from home […]

What are the Typical Stages of a Job Interview?

A job interview can be a daunting process, especially for those who are new to the job search process. Bearing this in mind, getting your first interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Sometimes not knowing what to expect can increase that nervousness, so getting ahead of the curve is important. We have listed some […]
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