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8 Companies That are Championing LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Choosing your first role in the tech industry is a big decision. You are looking for a role that provides the right support and development opportunities to kickstart your career. You want an environment where you can thrive and be yourself. To summarise, for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and for allies of the community, […]

City Spotlight: Birmingham vs London

According to student website The Tab, Birmingham and London are both listed in the top 10 best cities to be a student in. Both are the largest cities in the UK, home to multiple universities, host many tech events, and have thousands of students living in them. London is the capital of the UK, a […]

How to deal with workplace stress

In any career, you will find yourself in situations where you are under immense pressure and feel incredibly stressed. Whether it be due to tight deadlines, large loads of work to complete, or a disagreement in the office, employees will face stressful situations. Some of these situations can be avoided through either time management or […]

City Spotlight: Bristol vs Cardiff

For this month’s City Spotlight, we have travelled down to the Southwest and looking at Bristol and Cardiff! Bristol is known for its stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge, its colonial history, and of course, the legendary street artist Banksy. 25 miles away and over the Prince of Wales Bridge you will find Welsh capital Cardiff. The […]

How to network as a graduate

So you’ve worn the cap and gown, held the degree in your hand, and entered the world as a graduate. The next step is to find a job, and with your degree and experience under your belt, you’re capable of getting any job you put your mind to. But it’s not just your degree that […]

City Spotlight: Chester vs York

Welcome back to our City Spotlight series! This month we’re discussing Chester vs York, both historic cities with striking similarities, but which one do you prefer? Chester Chester may be a small city, but it’s got plenty to offer. The city is most famous for its Roman history, with its city walls surrounding the city […]

Women's History Month: The women who made history in tech

A stereotype of the tech industry could be that it’s male-dominated, and historically it’s men who are recognised for their work. Nikola Tesla, Tim Berners-Lee, and Alan Turing are all historical figures who have made an impact in the tech world. But this leaves the question – what about the women? In celebration of Women’s […]

City Spotlight: Leeds vs Manchester

So you’ve decided to go to university – brilliant idea! University is a fantastic opportunity to study a subject you’re passionate about, create opportunities, and help you grow as a young adult. It's an exciting decision to make, but it can also be an incredibly daunting task. There are many factors to consider, such as […]

Benefits of working in the Digital and IT industry

The digital and IT industry has a vast presence in the world, and technology plays a huge part in our lives. As graduates, it’s likely you will have used digital technology throughout your academic career as well as in day-to-day life, whether it be through social media, gaming, or running a blog. There are many […]

Why diversity can improve tech teams

Once considered a strategic priority, diversity is now a key component in companies. Having a diverse team doesn’t just engage candidates, but it can improve employee retention, generate fantastic ideas, and enhance employer branding. Studies have found that diversity drives better decisions and work performance, as well as being a priority for Generation Z. The […]
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