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What Recruiters Look for in the Tech Industry

When it comes to what recruiters look for in the tech industry, it has varied a lot from past years, when all they would look for were hard skills. Nowadays, when recruiters are searching on behalf of their tech company clients, they are looking for someone who matches the company culture.

Yes, technical ability and skills are important; however, employers and recruiters are looking for something more to fill their job vacancies. To find out more about what recruiters are looking for in the tech industry, continue reading.


What Tech Recruiters Look For

Things Recruiters Look for in the Tech Industry

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the tech industry and recruitment, but what you can do is use our guide below to give you a good idea of what recruiters will be looking for so you can best equip yourself and your CV to make a big impact.


Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential in order to secure employment in the first place. They will help you in all aspects of work, from supporting other colleagues and collaborating with others, to helping with tasks or motivation.

Communicating how you will fit into a business is essential for promoting yourself at the interview process. If you cannot communicate effectively in an interview, the chances of you getting hired are pretty slim.



Someone's overall energy and presence are important factors that matter for tech recruiters and their clients. Your energy has the ability to affect the overall working environment when it is brought into the workplace.

Creating a positive work environment and culture for companies nowadays is very important for the workplace. It counts for driving productivity, which is, of course, what every manager and CEO wants to achieve for their staff. This counts for all industries, which includes tech.

To make sure you make the right first impressions with a tech recruiter or in an interview, be visibly interested and engaged with the business, ask questions, and be positive.



The most important thing that you can do, and what recruiters favour, is authenticity. Employers appreciate and want diversity in the workspace, so the best thing that you can do for yourself is to be yourself. Let your personality shine through, both when speaking to recruiters or employers and on your CV.

This will help you find the perfect job match, and if you don't find yourself successful, the job probably wasn’t right for you in the first place. Different people, personalities, and interests are what help enhance company culture.


Ability to Adapt

Flexible working is important in order to stand out from the pool of qualified candidates in the tech industry. Recruiters for tech businesses will be looking for potential candidates that can effectivity and efficiently ‘switch hats’ depending on what is required of them.

Being able to complete your own job, project manage, and liaise with clients is really helpful for employers. It will also help you reach your full potential by expanding your skills, branching out, and showcasing what you are truly capable of. This will help you bring success to yourself over time.


The Right Amount of Confidence

Confidence is good; arrogance is not. No one likes a show-off in any area of life, including when you are trying to secure yourself a full time tech career. Recruiters and employers will not favour someone who is over confident.

It is ok to celebrate your successes in a previous role while in an interview; maybe focus on how you helped solve certain problems to impress the people in front of you instead of concentrating on solely the success of what you did.


Ambitious Nature

A good thing to show when trying to get a job are your ambitions. This helps to show the interviewer who you really are and, therefore, what makes you tick. It will help them assess whether you are a good match for the company and whether you will slot in with the culture of the business and help it thrive.

Being ambitious and wanting to grow in yourself will also let the employer know that you are there to help a company grow too.
Being able to gauge the emotions of others is a highly sought-after skill. This is because it is something that does not come naturally to everyone. If you can perceive your own emotions as well as the emotions of others, then employers will favour this, as it has been linked to high performance.


Team Player

Having the right personality and one that finds it easy to gel with other team members is something recruiters and employers look for.

Depending on what kind of company you are interviewing for, it will depend on whether you will be a fit for them or not, as every tech company will be slightly different. Remember that the right business will be out there for you; each one will be different, so keep searching until you find the right one for you.


Klickstarters Can Help You

Feeling overwhelmed by the process of finding the right job for you in the tech industry? We understand at Klickstarters, and it's ok because we are here to help you.

We support up-and-coming tech talent from recent graduates that are looking to take those first or early steps in an entry level role within the tech career.

As we specialise in recruiting for tech, we can really focus our search and narrow down our job descriptions and list of contacts. We match talent with the right employers, making it a win-win situation for both.

Tech is still a broad industry, which is why it can be so confusing to know which avenue to go down when you embark on your early tech career. By making full use of our services, we can help you find the right path for you based on what you enjoy most, what you are good at, and where your natural talent lies. This aligns with our track record and experience in the tech world, and we are sure to find you the perfect opportunities.

Click the ‘Get in Touch’ button on our website to send us a message and find out how we can be of help to you today, alternatively, you can contact our Chester (01244 739 999), Birmingham (0121 651 1863), or London (0203 343 6719) offices now to speak to a member of our team.

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