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University Courses - What options do you have?

At Klickstarters, we are looking to assist ambitious individuals in reaching their career goals in tech digital. There are plenty of different routes you can take to help secure your first job in tech. We have collated a list of courses in Computer Science, Digital Marketing and Data from the UK's Universities. Click through to see a full list. If you don't know where you should start looking, here are the top Universities to study Computer Science created by The Complete University Guide.

As a Computer Science student, you’ll study:

  • What is the theory of software,
  • How to design and create it,
  • How to become a good problem-solver.

Sound of interest? Here's all you need to know...

1. University of Cambridge

There’s no surprise that the University of Cambridge holds the top spot with it being the Number 1 University in the UK. With the creator of the Computer Charles Babbage studying at Trinity College (University of Cambridge), it’s no doubt this pioneering University takes the top. With more than 1,500 technology companies in the local area, this area is known as Cambridge's take on Silicon Valley - Silicon Fen. Local firms and start-ups team up to educate students and employ graduates, a great way to get into a job straight from university. Everything sounds well and good, except for the fact you do have to be an overachiever. With typical grades and requirements needing A*A*A, you will really need to try to get into the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge campus.

2. University of Oxford

Cambridge’s competitor Oxford takes the 2nd spot in the top Universities to study Computer Science at. Again a company you will need high grades for. To gain admission you will be required to have successfully achieved an A*AA, with an A* in Maths. Statistics report that 20% of students are interviewed, 6% are successful and the total intake of students is 41. Student Kamil reported “'I love many things about my course. I love the fact that it’s hard, that it’s very theoretical and that we get a lot of practical work. Even when the work is a little challenging you’re never lost because there are so many people around to help you... Computer Science is everything I had hoped for”. Kamil's statement is a great notion to consider when choosing your course.

3. University of St Andrews

The School of Computer Science at St Andrews offers PhD, EngD and Mres programmes. St Andrews is known for being the centre of excellence for teaching and research. Being a globally recognised University with research being heavily in theory, there is a reason why this University holds the 3rd spot. Alumni from this University have gone on to be employed by tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft - this could be you!

University of Oxford.

4. Imperial College London

Imperial College of London has a very proud and research-driven Computer department. They believe they use this environment to invest in and value people. Additionally, they are joint 2nd in world-leading research - a great achievement for students at Imperial College London. Plus you can’t miss out on the fact that Imperial College London is based in the Capital City, London - ranked the best student city in the UK.


5. Durham University

Up north we have the 5th space holder - Durham University. Durham gives students the opportunity to take a year abroad. Giving you the opportunity to study your passion while travelling to a different country. Or perhaps a joint degree is somewhere you find yourself. A combination of Computer Science and Physics could be a great mixture, to give you an insight into both options if you can’t decide. Sounds like somewhere you see yourself? Jump into their virtual tour! Showing off the main university buildings and colleges you could be allocated.

Take a look through our University courses list and the locations you’d like to go to and see what’s right for you.

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