You got: Data & Analytics

You have an analytical approach and a keen interest in tech / science, which is perfect for a role in data. You’ll need a solid understanding of technology for this sector, and a desire to continually learn as this sector is constantly evolving. You will reap the benefits for your hard work as data and analytics professionals are in high demand.

Data & Analytics

As more and more organisations begin to collect and use large amounts of data for their business objectives, whether that’s predicting behaviours or analysing customer insights, the demand for employees with technical and analytical skills increases.

Skills that are used in Data & Analytics:

Data mining / artificial intelligence / machine learning / SQL / NoSQL / Scala / Hadoop

Example jobs you can get in this area:

  • Data and Insight Analysts
  • BI Developers / Analysts
  • Data Architects
  • Database Administrators
Average starting salary:
per annum
(London weighting up to £35,000 per annum)
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