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Tech Recruitment London

Emerging from the award-winning recruitment brand Searchability, Klickstarters is here to help companies source the next generation of tech talent. Klickstarters is a tech recruitment agency in London with an extensive network and recruitment process with the sole purpose of helping aspiring tech talent discover their perfect role.

We specialise in many areas of tech, allowing us to focus on sourcing new tech talent from many areas of the tech industry. We give employers their perfect match while finding new graduates the best tech graduate and placement roles with the top tech companies across the UK. This means we are more than capable of sourcing the right candidate for the right job in London.

If you are struggling to find the right match for your tech role or business, then you are not alone. Many businesses struggle to find the right match for them; on the flip side, it is common for those who are in the early stages of their tech career to land their first or early job in the industry.

Klickstarters are here to bridge the gap in matching candidates with employees, and we can do that for you today, whether you are looking to hire someone for your company or are looking for a job in London.

Tech Recruitment for London Businesses

As a business in London, you no longer have to struggle to find the perfect match for your vacant job roles and opportunities. Finding the right person for a job for a business can be very time-consuming, often with no real success in finding the right person at the end of it.

Klickstarters can help to bring you the right potential candidates for you to consider, all while showcasing your company so that you can gain the best up-and-coming talent that London has to offer.

Promote Your Brand

Klickstarters can help businesses build a personalised career hub. This will help to showcase your brand and what you stand for and promote yourselves to the top talent that is out there waiting for the right tech company to work with.

Promoting your company is your chance to shine. London can be a competitive market for gaining new and emerging talent within the tech industry. We have the experience to demonstrate on your behalf that you have all the resources to source candidates from a variety of sectors in tech.

Find Your Perfect Candidate in London

We have an expert recruitment team at Klickstarters that is dedicated to finding you the perfect candidate for your company in London.

There is aspiring tech talent out there waiting to be discovered by us and delivered to you. All of our sources candidates have aspiring tech talent with a proven interest in your sector or role.

Klickstarter's tech recruitment solutions in London and surrounding areas provide a fresh approach compared to our competitors. We engage with potential candidates through university networks as well as our TikTok channels, always committed to sourcing the very best for our clients.

Tech Recruitment for London Graduates

If you are a new graduate, having recently left university having studied within some area of technology, Then there are so many career paths that you could choose from at this point. It can be overwhelming for new graduates or those who are early in their careers, and rightly so. Having to decide which avenue to venture down within your career is an important decision to make.

Klickstarter's recruitment services will help you find the right path that is best suited for you. This will be based on what you are good at, where your natural skills and abilities lie, and what you most enjoy.

To help guide you and help you decide which path is the right one for you, we have done a breakdown of the different areas of technology to get you started.

Software / Web Development

There are many different roles in web or software development that you could potentially take on if that is your area of interest when using our consulting services. Skills that are required to embark on a career in software or web development involve excellent software engineering and an ability to code using different coding languages, some of which include Java, JavaScript, Python,.NET, etc.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in as an ambitious job seeker, then this could be a good career choice for you. We live in a digital world where things are ever-changing and constantly evolving.

Companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to boost their digital presence, so new and emerging software development and engineering talent will always be sourced by top companies.

Software Testing

As a software tester, you will be involved in the development stages of the software lifecycle. Ensuring software is bug-free and runs smoothly is really important for businesses for the sake of their customers. Failing to have bug-free software, a business could easily lose customers and, therefore, money.

To become successful in this area of the technology industry, long term, you must be familiar with programming languages and coding standards.

Project Management

Project management in tech will involve supporting tech companies' strategies and objectives.

IT Support & Infrastructure

A career in IT support and Infrastructure will involve diagnosing technical problems and solving issues with a company's systems. You could be working in person, online, or via telephone in this role. There will always be a need for IT support skills and experience, so a career in this field of technology is a strong one.

Design & Creative

For the creatives out there, you can also embark on a tech career, going for roles such as graphic designer, UX or UI designer, video designer, or animator.

Companies will be looking for someone who can help take on their brand identity within their creative work, and roles within this sector can often be client-facing. Skills required would be Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Sketch, to name a few examples.  

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be for you if you know how to sell something and have a passion for it. There are plenty of avenues to take with digital marketing when using our technology recruiters.

Some of the possible jobs in this field include PR, social media, and SEO. Skills required include Google Analytics, email marketing, content reaction, and writing.

Data & Analytics

Organisations value the data that can be collected from their customers. This can create more leads, more sales, and therefore more profit. As a data analyst, you will be predicting behaviours, analysing customer insights, and meeting the demand for employees and technical analytics.

Why Choose Klickstarters As Your Tech Recruiter London

Klickstarters are a successful and current recruitment company specialising in matching companies with the right tech talent. You can rely on us to source the right person for you as a business owner with our personalised service. On the other hand, if you are looking for a job, you can count on us to find you a job at a company that aligns with your values and matches your skills with a job with fantastic opportunities for career progression.

Our recruitment consultants are keen to find graduates who are looking to kickstart their tech careers. If you are looking for someone to hire or are looking for your next opportunity in London, then Klickstarters can help you today.

Get in touch with us by calling our London office at 0203 343 6719 or by clicking the ‘Get in Touch’ button below.
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