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Building your Personal Brand

At Klickstarters, we champion all things brand, and want to help more candidates elevate their personal brand to support their career plans and ambitions.
Be Yourself!
Below we have outlined a few key suggestions to help get you started with building your personal brand within the tech digital community. The important thing to always remember is to BE YOURSELF, because everybody else is already taken!
Understanding your audience
Before you start sharing content you want to consider exactly who your audience is, as this may influence what you share and where you choose to share it. This may include:
  • Potential new employers
  • Recruiters / hiring managers
  • People within the community
Do some research, see where your audience exists online, see what type of content they share and what content they are engaging with to help give you an idea of what works.
Defining your personal brand

We mentioned earlier that it’s important to be yourself, so take time to establish your unique brand voice, what your “USP” is, what your passions are and what your values are too. Write your ideas down and you will begin to get a sense of what your personal brand is. While you may have individuals you aspire to online don’t be tempted to replicate a different persona. Stay authentic to your own identity and focus on your strengths!

Post and share content

Content is the best way to communicate your personal brand, so get creative with social posts, images, videos and blogs to really showcase your identity. You can even re-share articles and posts of interest and just post your opinions in the comments of existing posts as a way to showcase your personal brand!

Join conversations

Follow relevant hashtags, join MeetUp groups and get involved in relevant Slack communities to start sharing your opinions and ideas. A little bit of online networking will help to get your name recognised and get on the radar of your target audience!

Check your digital footprint

Want to know how you are really perceived online? Get Googling! You may discover posts you’d prefer not to show up, or may look to change the content that is pinned to your Twitter profile etc. to help shape those first impressions!

Get connecting

The best way to grow your audience is to connect online, so add relevant connections on LinkedIn, and follow accounts on Twitter and Instagram. You might choose to connect with people before an event as a way to break the ice or get recognised when you attend in person!

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