You got: IT Support & Infrastructure

You’re a real problem solver and would work well in a technical role where you will deal with people either in person or on the phone. Training in this sector is typically quicker than roles such as software development, and there are a lot of opportunities in MSP’s as well as internally with companies too.

IT Support & Infrastructure

IT support & infrastructure professionals are instrumental for the smooth running of a business’s computer systems and networks. Whether it’s support on the phone, online or in person, you will configure systems, diagnose technical issues and solve problems to ensure a business can operate to its full potential.

Skills that are used in IT Support / Infrastructure:

Office 365 / Windows Server / Networking

Example jobs you can get in this area:

  • Technical Support
  • Network Engineer
  • 1st / 2nd Line Support
  • Systems Administrators
  • Service Desk Analysts
Average starting salary:
per annum
(London weighting up to £25,000 per annum)
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