You got: Digital Marketing

You're creative and a real wordsmith – you could build an email marketing campaign to rival a top brand! There are a variety of routes you could take in digital marketing, from technical and analytical roles, to creative and content focused, and in an ever-increasing digital world digital marketing professionals are always in high demand!

Digital Marketing

If you are creative, enjoy writing content and know how to “sell” something then digital marketing could be the path for you! You will work to promote your organisation / their products and services through a variety of marketing channels including email marketing, paid search, social media and more.

Skills that are used in Digital Marketing:

SEO / SEM / Google Analytics / Email marketing / Content writing

Example jobs you can get in this area:

  • PR Account Managers
  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Social Media Executives
  • Digital Marketing Executives
Average starting salary:
per annum
(London weighting up to £22,000 per annum)
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