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Understanding What a Tech Graduate Scheme Is

There is plenty of room in the technology world for a diverse and exciting career. A tech career can be varied and creative and a tech graduate scheme can open big opportunities for oneself in today's technology-oriented world.

With a tech-based degree, moving onto a tech graduate scheme, there are no limits as to where it can take you. It can shape you in any way that you wish and steer your career to focus on many aspects of tech.

To help you understand what a tech graduate scheme is and to give you more information we have put together this article, so continue reading to learn more.

What Is a Tech Grad Scheme?

A tech grad scheme is a training programme that is structured for graduates. It involves learning all about work-related technology projects and helps graduates gain that tech role with no experience that they want to progress in.

A grad scheme is only meant for those who have graduated from university and you can only apply if you have a university degree. You are more likely to be accepted on a graduate scheme or graduate job within the first three years of graduating and leaving university. However, there is no official rule or limit on this for how long after leaving university you can apply for a graduate scheme.

A tech grad scheme in particular will have new graduates learning about technology-related projects whilst working on their own. Tech is a broad term and there are many different avenues for graduates and graduate schemes to go down.

What a Tech Graduate Scheme May Look Like

The word ‘technology’ can be broad and is never truly understood by just that word alone, as it could mean several things. Whether you have studied or specialised in the area of IT, programming, digital engineering, civil engineering, digital marketing or computer science to name a few examples, these examples show just how broad tech can be.

Whatever you studied at university and have your degree in, a tech graduate scheme will take you to that next level and will help you to prove yourself, your talents, and your capabilities even further than before.

Just like there can be a variety of tech degrees available out there, tech grad schemes also hold variation. In all cases, however, you will be learning on the job whilst taking part in the job at hand. Learning in this way allows you to discover where your talent lies and is best served, discovering what avenue to focus on and which area you most enjoy.

You will have a part to play in designing, testing and deployment of software, possibly making them more efficient and reliable.

Career Progression and Salary

Tech grad schemes have a great career progression. You can demonstrate your area of specialisation within your grad scheme. This will also help align you to the right area of tech for you.

Larger organisations may have a career progression plan for you to develop your skills and move up, whilst smaller companies may have more scope for leeway and how you grow and develop with them.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a tech grad scheme may be less structured compared to bigger organisations.

A reasonable salary expectation can be on average between £22,000 and £30,000 a year. If you choose to do a tech graduate scheme with a larger company and you can expect to be paid higher whilst with smaller companies you can expect the lower end of the pay grade.

What the Right Candidate Will Look Like

The right candidate will have to demonstrate an understanding of tech and have technical ability. You will have to be logical thinking, yet creative enough to be able to take on projects on your own and be excited about the prospect.

You will benefit from having relevant work experience and a background in computer science, coding and maths is not essential but will help set yourself higher on the recruitment requirements.

What will make you stand out is your willingness to stay up to date on the global tech trends which will be seen as an asset.

Klickstarters Can Help You

Born out of an award-winning tech recruitment company brand, Klickstarters are here to help you connect talent with the right jobs, employers and tech grad schemes.

The tech industry can be a big place, with great companies struggling to find the best tech graduate employee for themselves. It can also be a minefield for new graduates to navigate themselves through to find the right opportunity for them.

A tech grad scheme is the perfect solution for an industry such as tech. You will have more training and focus in the right area, with a tech graduate scheme. This will help guide you in your career and follow the right path for you.

Klickstarters are here to help you, bridging the gap between you and the right employers and tech grad scheme. We help graduates land a job in tech whilst supporting companies with the hiring process too. This means we will assist with integrating new grads into a business, making sure they are the right match for the role, company and culture.

We specialise in tech digital opportunities throughout the UK and USA, so we can help you today. With so many career paths to choose from in tech, we can help you down the right one. We split the career paths into different sections to make things easier for you.

Choose from tech areas of Data & Analytics, IT Support & Infrastructure, Project Management, Software Testing, Software/Web Development, Design & Creative and Digital Marketing. Find more information about the jobs available and these areas on our website.

With Klickstarters you can discover which path is the right one for you. Get in touch with us today by clicking the 'Get in Touch' button on our website, or you can call our Chester (01244 739 999), Birmingham (0121 651 1863), or London (0203 343 6719) office, where a member of our team will be waiting to take your call and happy to assist you.

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