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Is Your CV Ready For the Job Hunt?

Beginning the job hunt after education can be a daunting and confusing process, ‘where do I start?’ and ‘What do I need?’ are some of the questions you will be asking yourself in the lead-up to starting your applications.

One of the most important parts of securing a job is an effective and attractive CV. It’s usually the first thing a hiring manager will see when it comes to prospective candidates.

This means your CV needs to be the one that stands out from the crowd when you send your application.

At Klickstarters, we know what you need to make your CV pop and shine when it’s landing on hiring managers' desks.

A CV that's Well Written & Well Informed

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First impressions always count. Your CV needs to go out with all the relevant information and keywords to pull the hiring managers in.

Nothing is more ineffective than a CV that is difficult to read. You don't need a CV that doesn’t highlight your skills and potential as a future employee for the manager reading through the CV.

A hiring manager doesn’t need to see a giant wall of text that hides the important information about your skills. The same goes for a CV full of needless images and personal information that say nothing about you as a candidate.

The first thing a hiring manager should be seeing in a CV is your profile and your existing experience in your chosen sector/subject.

This information should be concise and straight to the point so that by the end of the 1st page the reader knows whether you are the right person for the job.

When dividing your CV into sections make sure that all the sections are relevant to your job profile and contain all the correct information. Nothing is worse than a section called “Key skills” which contains irrelevant information on something else.

Keeping Your CV's Contact Information Up to Scratch

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So your CV has impressed the powers that be and they want to interview you, will they contact you using the information on your CV?

Making sure the information you provide is relevant and professional is paramount.

For starters make sure your phone number and social links like LinkedIn are correct and up to date.

You will also want an email address that's both simple and professional, even if you have to create a new one to achieve that.

If an employer is looking at an email address that reads as [email protected] or an email address that reads as [email protected] they’re always going to pick the candidate with the more professional-sounding email address.

Keeping it Clean and Presentable

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So, now that all your information is relevant, well written and presents you as an employable candidate, what's next?

Your CV layout can make or break your application process. You might have the best skills and experience, but a hiring manager needs to see that presented on the page. If they can't see that, they're not going to know what you can offer.

A professional and structured layout creates a great first impression, allowing you to highlight your relevant skills and knowledge.

What makes a good CV layout?

  • Keep your sections concise and to the point. Make sure all the information is presented in an easy-to-read fashion
  • Make sure the order of the sections makes sense. It should go without saying, no CV should start with your references
  • Consistent and professional fonts. Keep your fonts the same throughout, one for your titles and one for your body of text and no matter how fun it is, comic sans is never a good shout.
  • A colour scheme that is attractive but not overbearing. Typically black and white followed by a third colour like light blue is a safe choice.
  • The power of bullet points. Use bullet points to highlight and draw attention to key facts such as achievements and lists of programs you are proficient in

We've got you covered

Klickstarters CV Tech

Despite all this advice, sometimes a little bit of assistance is needed. This is why we created our CV Builder on the Klickstarters website.

You can find our CV builder here among some of the great tools we have designed as part of the Klickstarters site.

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