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How to Use Social Media to Get a Graduate Job

According to research, 91% of all employers are currently using social media as part of their hiring process and 45% of recruiters post content on social media to engage with candidates.

In modern times, most recruiters will search online for your social media profiles when you’re applying for a job. This is so they can see who you are behind the CV and how you present yourself. However, some might think to set everything to private mode so nothing can be accessed, this might be seen as a red flag for recruiters. Of course, on some profiles such as Instagram, you wouldn’t be expected to keep it formal and professional just to bag a job, as that’s a platform to share your creativity and authentic self – but have you considered your other profiles and how they can help in your job search?

Here are our top tips on how you can create a professional presence on social media to get a job…

Share Your CV

Channels such as LinkedIn are great for not only searching for jobs and hiring companies but also sharing your achievements or CV online! This can give recruiters a more in-depth look at your education and career over the past years. You can add your key skills, certifications, qualifications and work experience to your profile, but posting these on your feed as they’re achieved will also show that you are engaging online with your connections.

You could also attach your profile to other social media channels such as Twitter, by adding the link into your bio. This way if your Twitter were to be the first thing a recruiter finds, it shows your interest in building professional connections and you’re eager to find a job.

Engage in Discussions

Engaging in discussions/debates and doing your research to make sure you know your stuff, is a great way to impress prospective employers! This is most common on LinkedIn and Twitter. You could also consider something like sharing posts to your story on Instagram.

By actively keeping up with the industry you want to be in online, you will show recruiters that you not only have an interest in the subject, but your keen to express your thoughts regarding recent news or posts by others. This will give the impression that it’s a true passion of yours – not just a job!

Note: Be careful when sharing your personal opinions online that you are keeping politically correct. Do not post anything that may cause upset to specific people/communities.

Join Industry Groups

Try using hashtags to find relevant groups with discussions around your chosen industry and input these hashtags into your posts. This will increase engagement on your social media posts making them more searchable to recruiters! Groups are also a great way to get your CV out there to those working within the same industry. You might find that someone within your area is in the group and gets in contact regarding a job opening.

Note: make sure you take a look at the feeds before posting, some groups may be against posting CVs/job ads and are strictly for industry talk or tips!

Contact Recruiters

Recruitment Consultants are all over social media, from LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter – even Instagram! The best way to seek help at no cost is to search for recruiters online. You can usually just search things like #hiring, #recruitment or a company name you know of to find them. Connect with them on LinkedIn or just drop them a message to their inbox!

Recruiters are always on the hunt for new talent and will appreciate you reaching out. Remember, they’re the ones who will bump you up to hiring companies, so make a great first impression!

Get Creative

When looking for graduate jobs it can be beneficial to use Gen-z prominent platforms to look for work. You could consider using socials that aren’t usually known for recruiting such as TikTok or Snapchat! You might not get as big of a response as you would on LinkedIn - going above and beyond might just get you noticed.

Last year, TikTok created TikTok Resumes. It’s currently only open to U.S. vacancies, but shows that social media is expanding/adapting to the needs of its users. Users simply upload their videos and hashtag #TikTokResumes for companies to view. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t still do this. However, be wary of U.S. companies contacting you. Make a point to state you are from the UK and looking for work within the UK if this is the case.

Whether you have recently graduated in a subject such as Computer Science, are a school-leaver looking to jump into a career in tech digital, or are experienced in something completely different - but you're passionate about technology and want to explore a career change, Klickstarters can help!

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