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How to get the perfect working from home set up

With the current pandemic, lots of individuals are having to start their new job from home. So flexible working and remote options are becoming an increasingly popular demand. After spending a lot of the last year working from home, researching what options are best and asking the tech community here are elements you should consider when working from home.


First, you have to start at where you are going to be situated - your desk. If you are working from home for the foreseeable or flexible working post-COVID, office space is essential. In its simplest sense, a coworking office space is an environment that's designed to accommodate people from different companies who come to do work. A desk is a desk, you can spend as much or as little as you like this won’t particularly increase or decrease productivity. However, you may not want to sit all day so an alternative is a standing desk that adjusts to your height and desires. Studies have shown that standing while working can improve your health and wellbeing as you have more energy, better circulation, improve muscles and even burn calories (who would have thought it!). Check out Amazon for some great desk options.


In the workplace, you will usually be provided with monitors so that you have multiple screens to work on. This is also an essential when working from home so that you are as productive as you would be in the office. However, everything does come at a cost (you may be fortunate to receive a budget from your company) so depending on what you are looking for you should do your research. Amazon supplies a vast array of monitors at affordable prices.


Keyboard and mouse

A truly essential part of working from home that will increase productivity is a keyboard and mouse. Affordable too! You can get a keyboard and a mouse for just under £15, with added features such as a spill-resistant keyboard or a silent-clicking mouse.


The world is your oyster when deciding what to listen to when working from home. Go to your top selected songs on your Spotify, and delve into an interesting podcast or nothing if you need to concentrate. You may have housemates who have also had to adapt and work from home, so noise-cancelling headphones may be your answer.


Another essential that is required when working from home is an office chair. It will not only improve productivity but also help your posture. In different shapes and sizes, with different unique features, there’s plenty to choose from. Every hour make sure to stand and take regular breaks to counteract the negative effects of sitting down.


With the average Brit spending £10/15 a week on lunches whilst at work, money spent quickly adds up. So you could actually save a lot of money working from home! Working from home means you can cook food in the comfort of your home so make the most of it and be creative. It’ll only help to break up your day and give you something to do as a complete break from work. Struggling to think of ideas? Joe Wicks the health coach has created a ‘Lean in 15’ giving you recipes to create in 15 minutes!

Virtual backgrounds

Afraid you might catch your housemate in the background also working from home? Have some clutter in the background? We have the ultimate hack! Here is a selection of some of the best zoom backgrounds. Including cool bedrooms, light and spacious living rooms or a bookshelf - it’s up to you!




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