How the pandemic altered my Uni plans, and elevated my career hunt!

Hi, I'm Gabriella Beech! Like so many this summer, my school life finished sooner than I expected. Nevertheless, summer was fun, enjoying the great weather with my family and friends exploring the UK.

I was hoping to head to the University of Leeds this Autumn to study Business Management but the government's algorithm had different ideas for my A Level results! One long week later, my grades were finally corrected and I have been accepted in to the course in September 2021.

Unexpectedly, I now have a year off and given the current climate travelling was not on option. My degree is a broad based course covering all aspects of business life so I decided to gain some valuable work experience.

Searchability had a role available as a social media assistant on a temporary contract. This is an area of business that really interests me and one I think is only going to become more important in the years ahead. Preparing for the interview was a little nerve wracking but it gave me good experience for the future. The team at Searchability could not have been more welcoming and the process is not as daunting as you might think, the interview was more of a chat! My advice would be to just be yourself and be positive!

My experience starting work at the Searchability group has only been positive. On my first day, I had an introductory meeting and skills workshop in order to prepare me for my time here. This was great because I felt fully informed and then was able to begin working through my day to day roles with no pressure. I have only been with Searchability for a few weeks but already I am enjoying working in a young and vibrant office. Each day I enjoy coming to work and can’t believe how quickly it flies by. During my time with Searchability, I am hoping to gain an experience of the real world before my studies begin next year. 

Searchability are launching a brand-new free service for people in a similar position to me, a project I am excited to be a part of in my role here! It’s called "Klickstarters" and is designed to connect school or college leavers / University grads / candidates looking to take their first steps into a career in tech digital with job opportunities in the UK tech digital sector. Searchability are offering a number of incentives to clients to help them take a chance on candidates just like me, including £1,500 off their recruitment fee, free employer brand presence, extended rebate periods and much more. In many instances these companies can also take advantage of the UK Government’s Kickstart scheme too, meaning extra funding to help these organisations invest into ambitious tech talent!

If you are a candidate in a similar position to me, holding off on University and not sure what path to look at in the meantime, then a career in tech digital is definitely an area you should look at. It’s essential for almost every business, so why not take a look and hopefully gain some real-life experience!

A proud