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Get discovered by tech recruiters with these 8 LinkedIn hacks

Looking for a job, especially in this current climate, can be difficult. This is where we can help! From a recruiter perspective, what better way than to get an insight into how we search for the best tech talent out there?

The key to success is optimising your profile and being seen!

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1. Keep your profile updated

Updating your profile so it contains your latest roles immediately lets the recruiter know which industry you are currently in and how long you have been there. You can also add a small description to each company's section to show the kind of projects you have worked on and the specific skills you have used. When a recruiter is searching for a new role they will create a search using keywords, if you have these you will appear at the top of the search and instantly be discovered.

2. Add a profile picture

Choose a professional, high-quality headshot (at least 400 x 400 pixels), and make your profile picture public. This will immediately attract recruiters to your profile and give a sense of trustability if they can see who you are. Also, LinkedIn has now given their customers access to an ‘Open to Work’ filter that can be added to your profile picture which will instantly attract recruiters to your profile!

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3. Recommendations from former employees

Asking for recommendations from former and current colleagues can make your experience credible. Glowing personal recommendations are some of the best content you can have on your profile, as they come from the mouth of someone who has been working alongside you! Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations, but always be thankful as you are looking for a new role.

4. Be searchable

Using relevant keywords in your headline is great for the recruiter to see before they even have to delve into your profile. Adding your contact information and city is another great addition as they can see whether you are commutable to the role.

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5. Share relevant content

Searching for relevant articles such as technology news, blogs and even research studies is a great way to show your interest in the industry. Also sharing other people's blogs from Linkedin is a great way to indicate support, users will appreciate the share!

LinkedIn has created a new way to make your posts more engaging - the use of a poll! We all love to vote and have our say in questions, a simple click will make your post get more interactions and more people will see it. You will also get answers to questions and you never know you could go viral!

6. What to post?

Why not write your own? Well-written blogs do well on LinkedIn, as it shows you have dedicated interests in your industry. Always introduce your blog with a personal comment about what you are about to entail in the article to give the reader a little introduction. Keeping readers attracted to your article is the number one priority, so include a couple of images or graphs that go hand in hand with what you are saying to break up an article from looking too wordy. 

An analysis of thousands of posts on LinkedIn found articles between 1,900 and 2,000 words with how-to/list-style headlines, titles between 40 and 49 characters long, and 8 images did best.

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7. Stay connected

Liking and sharing relevant posts and receiving shares on your post is a great way to stay engaged. Linkedin also shows you who has shared your posts, this gives you an ample opportunity to thank whoever has done so. 

Also, give yourself some time to search for relevant people in your industry and connect with them! Whether that is CEOs or people at the same level as you this can all help you be seen by the right person. If you want to specifically find people to follow or connect with through Linkedin’s suggestions, then click the three dots at the top right corner of any post, then click “Improve My Feed”, this will bring up your ‘Discover hub’. Here you can review your list of followers and ask people who aren’t in your network to connect. Although it may feel strange connecting with people you have never met or spoken to before, these are the people who could help you secure your next tech role - especially recruiters!

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8. Don’t forget about LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups contain people who have like-minded interests whether it is in Digital Marketing, Cloud Integration or React - there will be something for everyone! Be savvy in the way you approach these groups and what you post in them as you don’t want to spam these groups - this is a recipe for disaster. Overall, these groups can be very beneficial for getting your name out there if you are wanting to be discovered for your next tech role.

There are lots of ways to be recognised by tech recruiters, but first, you need to adapt your profile so they know you are looking and after that stay active on your email. They could have messaged you and you don’t want to miss a great opportunity.

And of course here at Searchability, we have tech recruiters in every industry from Testing to IT Support to Software Development to Digital Marketing the list is endless! So get in touch today to secure your next tech role...

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