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Best programming languages for Graduate jobs

With lots of Graduates graduating last month next month means Graduate schemes are commencing. It’s hard to stay up to date to the latest tech without being in a commercial setting. 

Target Jobs discussed programming languages with Recruitment Managers to see what they are hiring for. Kirsty Smith, graduate and apprentice recruitment manager at Capgemini, advises: ‘It’s definitely beneficial to have knowledge and experience of some programming languages. Specifically, knowledge in Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, C#, Ruby and PHP would be of value.’ She adds: ‘It not only demonstrates that the individual has the capability of picking up coding skills, but it also shows the passion and desire to learn them.’ 

We pulled together a talent pool report to analyse the common skills within Graduate Software Engineers in the UK. Here are the results...


With Java being the most popular coding language used by Software Developers it is no doubt why 972 Graduates are using this. Java is a versatile programming language used on the web, mobile, desktop creating security features, platform characteristics and designs.


Python is a preferred high-level, server-side programming language. Used in companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and NASA it really is versatile. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has tripled in the past 5 years and rising by 231%. Python is the most used language in this industry, best used for automation. Automating tasks are extremely valuable in data science and will save you a lot of time.


JavaScript is a scripting language. Commonly used to create visual and interactive web pages. JavaScript is used in the likes of React and Node to create websites such as PayPal, Uber and eBay. This language is usually paired with HTML and CSS, to create Frontend Development.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to retrieve, manage and access data present in the database. Since every business will have some form of customer database SQL is great to have on your CV. SQL is known to be one of the easier languages. You can learn this with lots of courses and tutorials to make your skillset better. 

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