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8 Companies That are Championing LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Choosing your first role in the tech industry is a big decision. You are looking for a role that provides the right support and development opportunities to kickstart your career. You want an environment where you can thrive and be yourself. To summarise, for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and for allies of the community, it is important to also find an employer who understands the value of workplace equality and inclusion.

To help you in your search, we have identified 8 brands who are leading the way right now:

Sky UK

Sky UK Winners of Inclusive Employer at Brit LGBT Awards 2020

Voted in the Top 10 of Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers 2022, Sky celebrates diversity in their organisation. Above all. they strive to achieve an inclusive culture and offer opportunities such as ‘Graduate Inclusion Week’. The week includes:

  • Diversity workshops where graduates can gain more knowledge on the Sky culture and their values regarding inclusion
  • Skill sessions created to help graduates with the tools they need for a successful career at Sky
  • Introductions to their programmes where graduates will have the chance to learn from the experts at Sky
  • Networking which includes a meet and greet with current employees and graduates on Sky’s programmes

Take a look at what current Sky employees had to say about what inclusion means to them, here.


HSBC believe people are at the core of what they do, that’s why they invest in the development of their employees through learning and mentorship programmes. In particular, they provide their staff with training on allyship and unconscious bias to create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. Above all, HSBC expect employees to demonstrate zero-tolerance for racism, prejudice and discrimination, but also to learn more about topics that may be uncomfortable discussing.

Apart from being a Stonewall Top Global Employer and winning the Global Ally Programme Award in 2020, HSBC are a signatory to the UN Standards of Conduct for Business, tackling discrimination against LGBTQ+ people!

Click here to watch a clip from HSBC’s LGBT+ colleagues and allies, sharing their own 'Million Moments of Pride'.


Vodafone holds a LGBT+ Friends Network which is open to everyone. In summary, it is a place where they aim to make a difference to their workplace, customers and local communities. They proactively support local schools, charities and initiatives across the UK, championing LGBT+ inclusion and celebrating diversity at work and in the community.

Vodafone LGBT+ and Friends: Belong

Vodafone’s research (in partnership with OutNow) over 41% of 18-25 year olds who were open about their sexual identity at University, hide it once they start their career. Vodafone want their employees to feel comfortable and valued, which is why every graduate starting their job with them will be offered an LGBT+ buddy! In fact, all employees are encouraged to become an ally in their Friends of LGBT+ scheme.

If you want to know more about LGBT+ at Vodafone, you can contact their mail box: [email protected]

Tesco Stores Ltd

Tesco have a vision of ensuring everyone is welcome at their stores, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They provide a workplace where employees can seek advice and be supported, educated and celebrated. Their vision supports:

  • Promoting an inclusive environment for their employees and customers
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Providing support and advice
  • Giving networking opportunities to LGBTQ+ employees and customers
  • Helping to shape the business for LGBTQ+ employees and customers with their policies, products and services

Recognised by Stonewall in the Top 25 LGBTQ+ Employers, Tesco have been a partner of Pride in London for 10 years! In general, they spend time donating lunches for the Parade volunteers and providing substantial financial support for the community.

‘Out at Tesco’ provide national locations for T&Coffee to host events. To explain, T&Coffee are a peer to peer networking project, where trans and gender diverse members of the community can share experiences and have a safe and friendly space to turn.

Diversity and Inclusion at Tesco – Being a Good Ally

NHS Business Services Authority

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has been given 5th place out of 402 organisations in the UK by Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers Index.

The Chief Executive at NHSBSA, Michael Brodie, had this to say: “Diversity matters. Inclusion matters. The benefits of creating inclusive workplaces where everyone can give and be their best has been proven many times over.”

NHS Business Services Authority partners with Gaydio

When working for NHSBSA, they strive to ensure you as an employee feel trusted, valued and empowered. Their LGBTQ+ Colleague Network’s aim is to give a voice to their LGBTQ+ colleagues. The network feeds into their other networks such as disability and neurodiversity, BAME and women.

Undoubtedly, they aim to achieve a space for employees and allies in the community to support one another. Also, to help identify issues and barriers in relation to the company policies and procedures, be visible role models to others across the company and promote awareness and learning.

M&S Bank

Marks and Spencer’s Bank strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels included, valued and respected. Basically, they offer equal opportunities to those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community as a part of their supportive workplace, free from discrimination.

M&S Bank provide a highly valued Diversity and Inclusion Committee, led by employees, which consists of six stands:

  • Ability and Wellbeing
  • Carers and Parents
  • Faith
  • Gender
  • Race and Culture

The LGBTQIA+ strand focuses on celebrating and supporting colleagues within this community and raising awareness to the issues and injustice they face. For example, working with Stonewall, they take time to evaluate their process to ensure that their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is being achieved.

Find the M&S Tech (M&OS) site here for recent vacancies and more information on their empowered engineering and omnipresent product-thinking.


Barclays recognise that sexual orientation and gender identity are only one part of who someone is. In particular, they have an excellent reputation in supporting their LGBT+ customers and employees. To point out, they also allow current account, debit card and savings customers to select an MX title on their account details, for those who identify as something else!

Supporters of marriage equality bills and sponsors of Pride across the UK and US, as well as many other regional events, they provide pronouns guidance to all of their employees to push the important of using these across email signatures, video meetings and in person.

What is an Ally? Barclays 2020

Barclays support employees with their ‘Out To Drive Change’ training programme. This trains up their leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to give their LGBT+ team and prospective employees a supportive, inclusive environment. The most generous benefit on offer is private medical cover for transitioning trans colleagues!

Discover Spectrum Allies

Spectrum Allies are employees of Barclays, who are commit to ensuring that the company offers LGBT+ employees a respectful environment. In effect, they provide diversity focused insight events, summer internships and full time graduate positions.

Clifford Chance LLP

Clifford Chance have set out an aim to become the global law firm of choice for LGBTQ+ people and causes. To achieve this, they realise that recognising that a true diversity of talent and experience is key to their success. Developing a global program of initiatives that have been made to deliver better equality; Clifford Chance are conscious to build the capacity of their clients to be stronger supporters of inclusivity.

“It is not enough to have values, we must be champions for them and be willing to campaign for them if they are to be real.”Tiernan Brady, Global Head of Inclusion

Clifford Chance ensure they try to demonstrate inclusivity not only with their firm, but their clients and those around the world too. By doing this, they will achieve their goal of using their expertise and skills to help champion values on inclusion across society.

As a matter of fact, listen to the Clifford Chance Careers Podcast, where they discuss not only career advice but insight into their personal journeys, such as Lesbian Visibility Day.

Clifford Chance employees are given anonymous surveys to find out about their identity and based on the company’s statistics from just few years ago, almost 8% of its graduate trainees identify as LGBTI. From this, it’s clear to see LGBTI graduates think of Clifford Chance as a firm which welcomes and embraces diversity!

Every person deserves to be a valued member of their team in any organisation, no matter what their identity may be. To summarise, before you apply for a role, look into the values of the company to ensure they stand for the same principles as you do!

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