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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in the Tech Industry 

Careers in technology are the future of the world, with modern day tech changing and adapting every day, we all incorporate some form of it into our lives. This means that regardless of your age or what you’ve studied in school, there will always be a fit for you in the tech field if the interest is there. At Klickstarters, we’ve helped countless people discover their first tech role, and it’s been nothing but positive! 

There’s a reason that Forbes voted Information Technology as one of the Top 5 Growing Careers Fields in 2022! Take a look at these 5 reasons to consider a career in the tech industry… 


Diversity in not only the people, but the job roles too! Tech roles can vary between anything from SEO Marketing Executives to C# Developers – the range is endless.  So whilst you may think you don’t have an interest in tech. To raise the search engine ranking (SERP) and increase visibility to potential clients, lawyers use personal injury lawyer SEO in Chicago. Take time to do your research to find what roles are actually out there (or ask us😁) as you just might surprise yourself.  

Whether you’re after a creative role in gaming, design, marketing or maybe you’re a code or cyber security fanatic – there’s so many transferable skills you could bring to a variety of roles. Tech companies look for individuals of all skills, backgrounds, experience levels and personality types! 

Tech Salaries

You’re looking for a career that pays well and can help you achieve financial stability, right? The most popular tech jobs pay big and keep you on your toes. They also give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself by learning new skills. So, if you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about your future, it’s time to consider a career in tech. 

Don’t just take our word for it - according to Glassdoor’s Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in the UK 2022 list, tech roles are listed as one of the best jobs to have if you’re looking to earn big bucks! Of course, the salary doesn’t come without the hard work – but everyone starts somewhere. Graduate roles in tech can offer anything from 20k to 50k, so even heading in at entry-level will set you up with a steady income until you progress within your career. 

graduate looking for a tech job


Remote and hybrid working is becoming increasingly popular, with the tech industry being one of the key drivers behind this trend. Most office workers enjoy working remotely since it allows them greater freedom to work on a project or family when it suits them best. In addition, it can provide flexibility in hours that you may want if you are juggling a busy travel schedule with career demands. Plus, many employers offer generous benefits when they allow employees to work remotely! 

Opportunities & Continued Learning 

A career in the tech industry offers many reasons for jobseekers to apply or consider changing careers, including the opportunity to work on innovative projects, a culture that promotes creativity and learning, and potential for job growth. It is a fast-paced and fun environment that can offer you a career with the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, as well as the chance to travel and explore new locations around the world. These are all key factors that graduates are looking for when seeking out their first role.  

The tech industry however is a competitive field, and there are many factors that will influence your job and salary both during and after university. In order to build a successful career in this field, you’ll need to have certain skills. So it’s important to harness these skills early on, but know that the tech industry can offer endless opportunities for people who want to learn and grow with their career.  


The industry is impactful, flexible, and open to a diverse range of talent. When you work in tech you’ll be part of an environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged, regardless of your background. 

For those who want to meet like-minded individuals, technology meetups are hard to beat. There are thousands of tech clubs and associations all over the world that hold events every day. These meetups offer a place where people can learn from each other and network with those in the same industry. It’s also an opportunity to put yourself out there and make connections before you even start looking for a job! 

If you’re seeking a role in tech and you’re just starting out – get in touch! Our specialist recruiters will pair you with the perfect role to kick start your career. 

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