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10 Reasons To Use Klickstarters For Your Tech Vacancy

Finding the perfect candidate to fill in your tech and digital vacancy is an important task. So Klickstarters is here to help make that search easy and convenient for you as an employer. Therefore, we want to ensure that you get the best new talent available in your sector.

Below are 10 reasons we think Klickstarters is the best choice to work with you to fill your tech vacancy with some fresh, exciting talent.

1. We understand the candidate search process

As part of the Searchability group, we have years of experience placing candidates in top roles in the tech digital sectors. Because of this, we know what candidates are looking for and what they want out of a job role. Years of creating and advertising job roles to candidates have given us an insight into what works and what doesn't.

With Klickstarters, we are now gearing our award-winning recruitment skills towards graduate and entry-level candidate vacancies.

2. We've got the right tools for the job

Adding value to recruitment has always been one of our biggest aims when it comes to providing top service for clients. This objective has been no different with Klickstarters. We have made sure that our website offers some added value technology for both candidates and clients.

Our Tech Digital Quiz is here to help candidates decide which career fits them and their skills and interests.

We are also taking advantage of the Government Kickstart scheme and offering extra perks alongside the ones offered by the Government. You can check out the Government scheme and see our extra perks here.

To help with the candidate's job hunt we have built a useful CV Builder tool. Getting the perfect CV made will allow the best and brightest coming into the industry to present their skills in a way that shows they are the right candidate for the role.

Vacancy Technology on iPad

3. We Offer An Enhanced Fee Protection Period for Your Vacancy

Peace of mind is important when hiring a new candidate. Bearing this in mind, with every Klickstarters placement we protect your fees if a candidate leaves. If they leave within 30 days of starting you pay absolutely nothing. The first fee is not due until 30 days after the start (50% of the total fee), and if they leave between 30-90 days then the second 50% of the fee is no longer due.

4. Expert, dedicated recruiters who work with you

Our recruiters know what it takes to get the right candidate for the right role. Over the years the Searchability group have built a team of dedicated recruitment experts who love learning about the sectors they recruit for.

Because of this, we have access to 50+ expert recruiters who specialise in the tech digital sector. All of your vacancies are taken care of by someone with knowledge of your sector who knows of what kind of candidates you want.

Recruiter looking for vacancy

5. We can facilitate placements for uni students

A big part of a lot of University courses is the placement years. Bearing this in mind, we are aware of the advantage a company can gain from connecting with a University student who are eager to learn.

We can unite clients with ambitious University students looking to undergo a placement year as part of their studies. This service from Klickstarters is completely free of charge.

6. Our Free Branded Careers Hub

Our Branded Careers Hub has been created to help clients offer more than just a generic job post including targeted company information, employee perks, live jobs and more.

We will build a fully mobile-optimised and personalised careers hub to showcase your company, employer brand and culture to engage potential candidates.

7. Integration with other Searchability services

Searchability's wide range of services is available here as well! This includes our tech meet-ups, our employer branding service JobHoller, Our Digital Magazine Hollerings and our Candidate Attraction scheme Holler IT. Sometimes there's more to fill a job vacancy than posting a job spec, so all of these services are there to make your candidate search as easy and effective as possible.

Job interview and candidate selection for vacancy

8. Access to our Video Interview Software

We can also offer access to Searchability's video interview software, Searchability Go. A powerful video interview tool designed to allow face-to-face connections between candidates and clients, anytime anywhere.

Our consultants will arrange all live videos on your behalf, making the process as simple as possible for both the candidate and the client.

9. You can become a 'Featured Employer'

We love working with hundreds of different companies from exciting start-ups to global names in tech! You can become one of our featured employers. With a signature spot on the front page of the website, your company will be one of the stars of our website. Potential candidates will see you first meaning you can pull in some of the best talent first!

10. We genuinely love recruitment!

We do love recruiting and above all, we like to think that it shows in the services we provide for clients and candidates. We've come from a small agency specialising in software development recruitment and have grown enormously into a leading player in Tech Recruitment. We have worked with clients of all sizes and like to think we can accommodate any business, of any size and scope!

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