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8 Reasons to Start Your Graduate Recruitment Drive in January

Looking to get the ball rolling on your graduate recruitment process? Maybe it's time to consider that we're in the right time of year for starting your graduate recruitment drive. Below we'll list the top reasons why getting started with your graduate and entry-level candidate search in January can benefit you.

1. Graduate Recruitment Programs Are Still Taking Applicants

There's no need to feel like you've missed the boat when it comes to taking advantage of graduate programs. There are still plenty of graduate programs taking on applicants!

A lot of the graduate programs also run constantly throughout the year meaning you can take advantage of these whenever you begin a search for an entry-level employee.

2. New Year Is a Fresh Start for Graduates on the Job Hunt

Graduate Recruitment

The beginning of a new year means a lot of new goals for a lot of people. New goals will be geared towards professional development for many job-seekers, including recent graduates and entry-level job seekers.

Finding a new job is part of a lot of people's New Year's resolutions, least of all graduates who will be looking to take their first step into the industry after leaving uni the year before. This makes January a great time to start advertising to this candidate market, as your target market will be at the start of their new job searching phase!

3. Lockdown Has Provided More Time for Job Searching

While it's true our social lives have taken a bit of a hit over the last months in and out of lockdown it has provided a lot of people with opportunities to be more productive and achieve some professional and personal goals.

Job seeking is mostly done from the comfort of a candidate's own home, and now that most businesses are all working from home it's certainly going to be easier to sit down and find that new role.

Because of this, when you roll out a graduate recruitment drive during the current lockdown will increase your chances of being seen by the right candidates!

4. Adopting a Longer-Term Talent Pool Approach to Candidate Attraction & Graduate Recruitment

When looking to fill out graduate roles you can sometimes be overwhelmed with the number of options available for scoping out talent and attracting candidates.

Getting your talent acquisition campaign started in January allows you to build up a large pool of candidates at the beginning of the year and allows you to pull from this pool throughout the year.

Growing your talent pool for long-term use can have benefits that last throughout the year and will give you a diverse range of different candidates to choose from and see how the current post-graduate recruitment landscape is shaping up.

You could also consider using tools such as our branded careers hub to increase your talent pool

5. Gives You Time to Scope Out Events Such as Grad Fairs & MeetUps

Graduate Recruitment Event

With the whole year ahead of us, there are a lot of upcoming recruitment events to look forward to. It might be worth looking at what events are going on throughout the year that you can take advantage of when it comes to your graduate recruitment strategy.

Getting involved in graduate fairs or tech meet-ups is a great way to meet up-and-coming tech talent and graduates who are still looking for their way into the industry. You can scope out the latest talent and views cropping up in the industry and make a name for yourself as a graduate employer.

You can use sites such as to check their upcoming events page to see what events will be available in the future.

6. Give Yourself Time to Review Applications, Conduct Interviews & Plan Start Dates for Later in the Year

So you've started your recruitment drive and you get a decent number of applications. What next? Starting your recruitment drive earlier in the year gives you more time to take stock and review what you want from the graduate recruitment process.

The more time you give yourself to review candidate applications, the better your chance of figuring out what you want out of a new hire.

Starting off early, there is now time to coordinate interviews and their content to match what your candidate pool is offering you. You will also be able to align the interview process with your company goals and budgets.

7. You Can Take Advantage of Our Klickstarters Offer to Be a Featured Employer

We know that looking for a specific kind of employee can be daunting. With many years of experience in the recruiting industry behind us, we know what it takes to attract the right candidates.

Becoming one of Klickstarters featured employees will bring you front and centre of our recruitment campaigns and website. Employers will be at the forefront of the Searchability expert recruitment services and technology that is on offer.

You can find out more about what services and tech are available after becoming a Klickstarters Featured Employer.

8. Statistics Are On Your Side

According to studies taken in 2018 1 in 5 people start their job search in the new year. Factoring this in, your talent pool has increased massively during the month of January.

Getting the ball rolling on a graduate recruitment drive during the month of January gives you the opportunity to tap into this expanded market. This line of thinking will also factor in candidates who are looking at making a change in the new year.


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